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Taco Bell is a fast-food restaurant chain specializing in Tex-Mex cuisine. Founded in 1962 by Glen Bell, it has become a global phenomenon, with over 7,000 restaurants in over 70 countries. Taco Bell’s menu features a variety of Mexican-inspired items, including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, and desserts. The chain is known for its affordable prices, late-night hours, and unique menu items, such as the Crunchwrap Supreme and the Doritos Locos Taco.

Taco Bell is a major player in the fast-food industry, and its influence can be seen on the menus of other chains. The chain’s success is due to its combination of affordability, convenience, and unique menu items. Taco Bell is sure to remain a popular destination for hungry diners for years to come.

Here is everything you need to know about Taco Bell Logo, Company information, Slogans/Taglines and FAQs.

Taco Bell Company Information (Knowledge Graph)

NameTaco Bell IP Holder, LLC
LogoLogo since 2016
GenreFast-food restaurant
FoundedMarch 21, 1962; 61 years ago in Downey, California
FounderGlen Bell
Headquarters1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, California, U.S. (2009–present)
Number of Locations8,218 (as of 2022)
Key PeopleJulie Felss Masino (Brand President), Liz Williams (International President)
ProductsTacos, Burritos, and other Mexican-inspired foods
Revenue$1.988 billion (2015)
Parent CompanyYum! Brands worldwide outside of China, Yum China within China
HistoryFounded by Glen Bell in 1962 after experimenting with Mexican food concepts since 1948
Acquisition by PepsiCoPurchased by PepsiCo in 1978, later spun off as part of Tricon Global Restaurants (now Yum! Brands)
Menu ItemsMexican-inspired foods including tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty, and specialty items
Global PresenceOver 8,000 locations worldwide, with a significant presence in the United States
Taco Bell Surveywww.TellTheBell.com

Taco Bell’s Key Milestones: From Humble Beginnings to Tex-Mex Icon

Taco Bell’s journey is a testament to delicious, affordable food and clever marketing. Here are some key milestones that shaped the brand into the Tex-Mex giant it is today:

1962: Glen Bell, inspired by Taco Tia in California, opens the first Taco Bell in Downey, California. He focuses on quick service and value, selling tacos for just 19 cents each.

1967: The iconic Chihuahua mascot is born, initially appearing in print ads. Its sassy personality and memorable Taco Bell Live Más campaign cemented its place in pop culture.

1970s: Taco Bell expands rapidly across the United States, reaching 1,000 stores by the end of the decade. Drive-thrus become a major focus, catering to on-the-go customers.

1989: The revolutionary “Cheesy Bean and Rice Burrito” is introduced, offering a filling and affordable option that becomes a customer favorite.

1991: The “Freeze” program launches, offering fountain drinks for just 69 cents. This value proposition attracts even more customers and boosts brand loyalty.

1995: The legendary “BellRingers” campaign introduces quirky commercials featuring talking animals and celebrities like Jay Leno and William Shatner.

2001: The “Live Más” slogan is born, capturing the brand’s youthful and adventurous spirit. This tagline continues to resonate with Taco Bell’s target audience today.

2007: The “Doritos Locos Taco” debuts, featuring a taco shell made from Doritos chips. This unexpected and delicious innovation becomes a pop culture phenomenon.

2012: Taco Bell opens its first store in India, marking its entry into the international market. The chain now boasts over 7,000 locations in over 70 countries.

2020s: Taco Bell embraces technology, launching online ordering and delivery options through its app and website. The chain also expands its menu with vegetarian and vegan-friendly options, catering to evolving consumer preferences.

Taco Bell Taglines/Slogans

1. Get your crunch on at Taco Bell!

2. Let’s Taco ’bout it!

3. Get your taco fix at Taco Bell!

4. Get your taco cravings satisfied at Taco Bell!

5. Taco Bell – Where the party never stops!

6. Tacos for the win at Taco Bell!

7. Get your flavor fiesta at Taco Bell!

8. Taste the taco difference at Taco Bell!

9. Get your taco on at Taco Bell!

10. Get your taco-licious fix at Taco Bell!

11. Let’s taco ’bout it at Taco Bell!

12. Get your taco time at Taco Bell!

13. Get your taco party at Taco Bell!

14. Get your taco-riffic fix at Taco Bell!

15. Get your taco-tastic fix at Taco Bell!

16. Get your taco-rrific fix at Taco Bell!

17. Get your taco-liciousness at Taco Bell!

18. Get your taco-nificent fix at Taco Bell!

19. Get your taco-tastic flavor at Taco Bell!

20. Get your taco-licious adventure at Taco Bell!

21. Get your taco-riffic flavor at Taco Bell!

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24. Get your taco-liciousness at Taco Bell!

25. Get your taco-tastic fun at Taco Bell!

26. Get your taco-licious fun at Taco Bell!

27. Get your taco-riffic fun at Taco Bell!

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31. Get your taco-tastic time at Taco Bell!

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48. Get your taco-liciousness at Taco Bell!

49. Get your taco-tastic flavor fiesta at Taco Bell!

50. Get your taco-licious flavor fiesta at Taco Bell!

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Common FAQs about Taco Bell

Is Taco Bell healthy?

While Taco Bell isn’t known for its health halo, it does offer options to cater to various dietary needs. They have vegetarian and vegan-friendly items like black bean burritos and fresco versions of classics. You can also customize most items by removing meat or cheese. Plus, their website and app let you check calorie counts and nutritional information before you order.

Does Taco Bell have breakfast?

Taco Bell breakfast is a thing! They offer a variety of breakfast burritos, tacos, and bowls featuring eggs, sausage, bacon, and cheese. You can even get hash browns and their signature Cinnabon Delights. Be sure to check your local Taco Bell’s hours for breakfast availability, as it’s not offered everywhere all day.

What is the most popular item at Taco Bell?

The Crunchwrap Supreme reigns supreme! This layered masterpiece of seasoned beef, nacho cheese sauce, lettuce, tomato, and sour cream, all wrapped in a crunchy tostada shell, is a fan favorite for good reason.

Does Taco Bell deliver?

Yes! You can order Taco Bell delivery through their website, app, or various food delivery services like DoorDash and Uber Eats. Delivery fees and availability may vary, so check your local options.

What is the Chihuahua mascot’s name?

He may be the iconic face of Taco Bell, but the Chihuahua mascot doesn’t actually have a name! He’s simply known as the Taco Bell Chihuahua, and his sassy personality and Taco Bell Live Más campaigns have cemented him in pop culture history.

Is Taco Bell open 24 hours?

Not all Taco Bells are open 24/7, but many are open late, especially in major cities. Your best bet is to check the specific hours of your local Taco Bell online or through their app.

Does Taco Bell have happy hour?

Taco Bell often has limited-time offers and discounts, but they don’t currently have a dedicated happy hour program. However, you can keep an eye out for special deals on their website, app, and social media.

Can I customize my order at Taco Bell?

Absolutely! Taco Bell is all about customization. You can add or remove ingredients to most items, switch up the protein, and even choose different shells and tortillas. Get creative and craft your perfect Taco Bell masterpiece!

Does Taco Bell accept Apple Pay or Google Pay?

Yes, many Taco Bell locations accept Apple Pay and Google Pay for contactless payments. Check your local store’s app or website for confirmation.

Does Taco Bell have a Feedback survey?

Yes, similar to many popular fast-food chains, Taco Bell also conducts a customer feedback survey known as “tellthebell.” By participating in the survey, you have the chance to receive a $500 reward or a complimentary meal. Click here to find out more about the Taco Bell feedback survey.